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Ensure your website’s safety and security with our website maintenance, support, and care services at Kijo Digital.

Partner with Kijo Digital for reliable and tailored WordPress website maintenance solutions that keep your online presence thriving.

The advantages of consistent maintenance for your WordPress website maintennace.

If you simply set up WordPress, pick a theme, and install a few plugins, your website may work initially. It might appear that you only need to focus on adding new content. However, neglecting the maintenance of your WordPress website can lead to various issues. Discover the key reasons to engage us for your WordPress website maintenance:

Increase your website security

WordPress is widely used, making it a prime target for hackers. Unmaintained WordPress sites are vulnerable. With Kijo Digital’s care plans, your website’s security is fortified, safeguarding it against potential threats.

Improved User Experience

To attract consistent traffic, a seamless user experience is crucial. At Kijo Digital, we specialize in optimizing user experiences. Through regular inspections and testing, we identify glitches and recommend improvements to enhance your site’s usability.

Regular Data Backups

Included in our WordPress maintenance packages is a vital service – data backup. Even with robust security, unforeseen events like a DoS attack can occur. Having regularly updated backups allows us to quickly restore your website to a previous version, ensuring your data remains intact.

Website maintenance, support & continuous improvement.

Our website maintenance service includes : Monthly check-ins, software updates, SEO & traffic reports.

Kijo Digital stands out as a premier provider of website maintenance services, dedicated to keeping your website current, secure, and in optimal health. We maintain and support WordPress Websites in the trickiest of high-pressure environments, ensuring that it stand up to the test of time and anything that is thrown at it along the way.

At Kijo Digital, our WordPress website maintenance plans bring you total peace of mind. They ensure your WordPress website runs smoothly, stays secure, and is ready to grow when you need it. It’s a cost-effective way to keep evolving and enhancing your WordPress site.

Who can benefit from our WordPress care plans?

Launching a WordPress site is easy – just grab a free theme, add a few plugins, and it’s ready. However, with growing traffic, regular tasks like updates and optimization become essential. While some enjoy DIY WordPress care, most find it time-consuming.

If you’re not tech-savvy or short on time, trust Kijo Digital to handle it all. Our WordPress care packages ensure security, boost website performance, and keep you updated on the latest trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
My website has been hacked, can you fix it?

Absolutely! Kijo Digital offers comprehensive website security services. We’ll fix the issues, strengthen your site’s defenses, and implement measures to prevent future attacks.

Will my website experience downtime during updates?

No worries! We strategically schedule updates during low-traffic periods to minimize any potential downtime. Our goal is to keep your website up and running seamlessly.

Can I customize the maintenance plan based on my website's specific needs?

Yes! Our WordPress maintenance service is flexible. We can tailor the plan to address your website’s unique requirements, ensuring you get the exact support you need.

How do you handle performance monitoring for my website?

Our performance monitoring is proactive. We continuously check your site’s speed and efficiency, optimizing it to ensure a fast and responsive user experience.

What happens if an update breaks my website?

In the rare event of an issue post-update, we quickly identify and rectify it. Our detailed testing before updates minimizes the chances of disruptions, but if anything happens, we’re here to fix it promptly.

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